Take part in the "Women on wheels" photo contest from 10th June 2022 to 10th September 2022.
Participation is free and open to all.


The "WOMEN ON WHEELS” photo contest is open to all and its main purpose is the promotion of the positive image of women on a motorcycle and, more generally, the positive effects of two wheels on the female world such as the sense of freedom, the desire of independence and the search for psycho-physical wellness.

The organizer of the photo contest is Evotech S.r.l., (VAT number 01851220226), based in Zona Industriale, 6g 38055 Grigno (TN). This Competition is not subject to the formalities and administrative obligations provided for by the D.P.R. n. 430 of 26/10/2001 as it falls within the cases of exclusion referred to in Article 6.


The theme of the photographs is given by the well-known union of woman and motorbike, that is, by the necessary representation in a single photo shoot of the woman and the motorcycle that can be reproduced even partially if it is meaningful.

Each participant can access the competition, with up to three photographs, which, under penalty of exclusion, must be unpublished, have not participated in other photographic competitions, nor have been reproduced in any daily and / or periodical newspaper, not even online.

The photos can be in colour or black and white, they must be in digital jpg format and have a maximum weight of 3MB. Photos with technical modifications will be excluded from the competition and the Jury may reserve the right to examine the original file produced by the camera for possible comparison. The images must not have frames, signatures, or watermarks of any kind under penalty of exclusion from the competition at the sole discretion of the commission. Each participant is civilly and criminally responsible for their works, relieving the organizers of any responsibility, including towards any subjects shown in the photographs (including minors).

The photographs may also be excluded if there is a doubt, by the commission and at its sole discretion, of the failure to comply with the conditions referred to the previous paragraph.

In consideration of the aims and purposes of this Competition, as well as the will of the organizer of the same, any photo that represents obscene and improper images, tending to the diminution of the woman, as well as the marketization of the female body or its use for purposes not directly related to the theme of the Competition, will be excluded from the Contest.

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The "WOMEN ON WHEELS" photo contest begins 10th June 2022 and will end 10th September 2022. Participation is free. To participate, simply upload the photographs to the website www.brevoracing.com in the specific section. The material sent will not be returned.

The photos sent will constitute an archive at the headquarters of the organizer, who reserves the right to exhibit, publish, screen, and use them without any commercial purpose, even after the Competition, with the commitment to report the name of the Author and the title of the work.

The works presented will be submitted anonymously to a jury, whose opinion is irrevocable.


The only prize awarded consists of n. 2 access passes to the paddock of the Italian Speed Championship at the Enzo e Dino Ferrari International Circuit in Imola which will take place on 8-9 October 2022. The collect of the prize and presentation at the indicated event implies acceptance of the regulations of the access to the paddock that the winner must to know and respect. In case of cancellation of the event, the organizer of the competition is not required to replace the prize in any form. The jury has the right to award one or more specially deserving photos with special prizes.


Upon the jury's choice of the winning photographs, the organization reserves the right to set up an exhibition with the most representative photographs. In any case, proper advertising will be given to the winning photos through publication on both online and offline tools.

In collaboration with MissBiker, the largest Italian women community that promotes and supports women's motorcycling